Ventilators and PPE

Anyone watching the news these days regularly hears about the nationwide shortage and bidding wars surrounding ventilators and personal protective equipment or PPE. Undoubtedly, you are wondering where our nonprofit Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital (SPCH) falls in that mix.

The reports are true that these items are harder to come by and far more expensive now than they were pre-COVID-19. For example, procedure masks that once cost $.03 each are now $.65 each.

Regardless, Samaritan Health Services is committed to acquiring the equipment we need to serve our patients and keep our employees safe. This past week, Lincoln County reported its first four cases of COVID-19. To prepare for a potential surge in patients, Samaritan Health Services (SHS) has ordered 100,000 procedure masks; 40,000 N95 masks; 5000 customized, reusable gowns; and 22 ventilators, which are expected to arrive in stages between now and the week of April 20. SHS also rented ventilators designed for home use and those are on-site – ready to be dispatched as needed. The additional equipment will be routed to the five Samaritan hospitals based on patient need.

In addition, the local community donated hundreds of handmade and commercial masks, gloves, gowns and other PPE from their neighborhood, personal, organization and business caches. We are so grateful for your commitment and support!

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In the meantime, stay safe and stay home!


Lesley Ogden, CEO

Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital


Ralph Breitenstein, MD, Chair

Pacific Communities Health District