What is the visitor policy?

There is a Samaritan Treatment and Recovery Services facility in Lebanon and the visitor policy at the Coastal STARS program in Newport is expected to mirror Lebanon’s policy. When people enter the Lebanon STARS residential program, they are asked to submit a list of expected visitors to their counselors. The patient and the counselor review the list to identify resiliency and risk factors and modifications are allowed throughout the patient’s stay. Samaritan staff completes a background check of all visitors prior to approval. This is for the safety of the program staff and participants as well as the surrounding community. Visiting hours are limited to four hours mid-day on Saturdays and Sundays. STARS is a family-friendly environment and visitors are expected to use language and behaviors appropriate for children who may be visiting. Approved visitors must sign in at reception area, abide by all guidelines, be clean and sober on the day of their visit, remain in public areas, and put any belongings or gifts in a clear bag that will be inspected. Any person with sexual offense crimes on their records and registered sex offenders will not be allowed on the premises. No visitor with an existing No Contact Order, Temporary Restraining Order, or stalking order against them in relation to a current resident or staff will be allowed on the premises. STARS reserves the right to refuse entry to any visitor for any reason.

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