The plan is to operate the facility 24-hours a day. How will it be accessed 24 hours a day? Through residential streets or will a new direct corridor to Highway 101 be constructed?*

Because this will be a residential facility, up to 16 inpatients will live there 24/7. Intakes are scheduled during regular business hours. Traffic coming and going from the facility will be on residential streets primarily during the day with some early evening activity. The latest outpatient group ends at 8:30 p.m. At some point, early morning classes may be added to accommodate work schedules for patients.  A typical schedule of outpatient classes would be two classes per day, at different times, and spread over four days with approximately 10 – 15 people attending each class. Therefore, traffic would not be concentrated at a single time of day. No, there will not be a new, direct corridor to Highway 101 to access the facility.

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