Saxton retires after 20 years of service

Bonnie Saxton and Aimee Thompson

Special thanks to Bonnie Saxton who retired from the Pacific Communities Health District Board of Directors after 20 years of service. Bonnie had been an elected member of the Pacific Communities Health District Board of Directors since 2003. She moved to Lincoln County with her husband Fred and sons in 1982 and built Whaler’s Rest and RV Resort in South Beach. In 2000, Bonnie cofounded Advantage Real Estate in Newport and was voted 2015 Lincoln County Realtor of the Year by her peers. She also served on the City of Newport Planning commission for four years. Bonnie became a member of the District Board because she understands how important availability to good health care is to a community, its people and its commerce. Since being elected to the Board, she had been a part of the hospital’s tremendous growth in its facilities and access to services, which improves the quality of life for residents. Bonnie lives in Newport and plans to spend more time doing the things she enjoys — gardening, participating in the arts, walking her dogs, spending time with her children and grandchildren, and traveling.

Lola Jones was named to fill the vacancy left by Bonnie’s retirement.