C-STARS Project Update and Arborist Recommendation


We are pleased to report that all city permits have been secured and site work is now underway at the site of the future Samaritan Treatment and Recovery Services adult residential and outpatient center. Remodeling of the existing building at 5840 NW Biggs St. and construction of added space will be completed during the spring of 2025, at a projected cost of $11.7 million.

An access driveway is now being created along the north property line. As part of this work, an arborist was hired to assess the health of one tree, a native Sitka spruce. The tree is located on city park property and its critical root zone extends into the adjoining property. The arborist concluded that the tree is showing signs of stress from previous unrelated work in the critical root zone and that the tree could be a hazard if left standing. The arborist recommended removing the tree. Newport city officials approved the tree removal, which will take place in the next several days, weather conditions permitting. We hope our neighbors understand the reasons for this action being taken – for the safety of park visitors as well as nearby homes and property.

We are excited for construction work to be moving forward. Substance use disorder impacts so many people in our community and across the region. A broad range of generous benefactors recognize the vital importance of a local residential recovery center and have supported this project with donations to the Pacific Communities Health District Foundation and North Lincoln Hospital Foundation, raising $10.4 million to date. To help improve access for those who choose a path toward recovery, please visit  samhealth.org/SupportSTARSCoast